Useful Mobile App Ideas for Small Businesses

usefull applications for mobile

Every small business owner is always looking for ways to improve his or her business profile. One of the best ways to do this today is to create an app that will not only revolutionize the way the market views your brand, but will also increase your customer base as well as put you in the perfect position for future profit scalability. But just because creating a business app may seem like a good idea does not mean that it is easy to do. Apps are fundamentally built to be useful as well as attractive to the targeted users.

Combining these two ideas may not be as easy as it sounds. This makes coming up with mobile app ideas for small businesses a little bit more complicated that most people would like.

Many business owners often wonder what kind of app they can create for their brand. Do they build a coupons app? A scheduling app? A special deals app? As endless as the choices may seem, building an app that will not only attract but actually satisfy your customers and improve your brand profile is not so simple. Here are some wonderful mobile app ideas for small businesses that should help you get started.

Coupon Book or Loyalty Card App

Repeat customers are a business owner’s Holy Grail. These are the people who make up up to a third of your revenues and they do a lot of marketing for you through word of mouth. It is only befitting that you reward them in some way. Creating a coupon, discount or loyalty app will do just that in a sophisticated way. This app could show your customers what new merchandize you have; it could tell them what new deals and discounts you are offering; and it could keep them informed of all the rewards you offer should they reach a certain benchmark. It is a fun way to keep in touch with your clientele plus it answers the one question that everyone asks: what’s in it for me?

Guiding App

This is particularly useful if you have more than one store or one outlet. Let’s face it, sometimes, one outlet might not have everything in stock. Especially special items that a select few need. When this happens, you do not want a customer walking in only to be told that the item of their desires is out of stock and that they could maybe try a different store that is probably miles away.

This app could be designed in such a way that customers could easily find out what is in stock and where. All they would have to do is run a quick search of the item for which they are looking. And with the very same app, they could place an order so that the item is put in reserve for them.

Home Delivery App

Convenience is everything nowadays. People want to be able to do many things at a go. And that usually involves shopping. You should create an app through which your customers can make inquiries, place orders and feed in a shipping address so that your business can deliver the purchased item to their door step. Not only will this save them a trip, but it will show them that your brand can be trusted and that you value their satisfaction above all else.

Interactive Catalog App

This is a simple app that shows all your customers what it is that your store holds. It is basically an inventory app that your customers can go through to find out all about what you offer. This app could have an interactive portal where the customers could ask questions, get answers and advice on what they need to know.

Not only will it act as a menu for your business, but it will also double up as a customer service tool.

It is going to take a bit of creativity and a little market research to get the best mobile app ideas for small businesses. But once you get to know your brand well, your market niche and your customers, it is easy to come up with something that will add value to them as well as be useful to your brand in the long run.

Making an App that Works For Your Business

The mobile device revolution in terms of internet use and media consumption is officially here, and has been for some time.  Knowing this fact though, and doing something about it, are two entirely different animals.

This question seems to be particularly incendiary when it comes to businesses and website owners, specifically in the area of developing and implementing a mobile app strategy that is profitable and useful to their customers.

Finding the Starting Point of Making an App

Where to start and what to do are questions that can easily open a pandora’s box of information, some good, others bad or no longer revelant. So how serious is the question at hand?

In the following article by Sydney Stone, she explains just how important an app is to a business, and more important, how not having one is a mistake a kin to the idea of not having a website was a few years ago.

Dreamforce 15: Get Mobile or Get Lost

Consumers now spend more time on their mobile phones and tablets than they do on laptop or desktop computers and they are more likely to interact with your company’s mobile app than your website.

See where we are going with this? If you don’t offer a mobile app to coincide with your website, you’re going to get lost. Your potential customer base will just choose a competitor that offers the same product but has a really cool app.

There was a time when not every business had a website. Can you imagine not having a website now? This is exactly what is happening with mobile apps now. Not only is a mobile app a necessity, but you have to be continuously thinking of ways to make improvements to it and keep it relevant to your customers’ interests and buying habits. Read more here…

What Kind of App to Make

Now that we see the absolute importance of having a mobile app strategy, the real question we should be asking ourself is, “what kind of app should I make?”

While every business and product has a different paradigm and usefulness to its customers, there is an underlining root reason for their existance and that is most often to solve a problem. If this sounds oversimplified, in truth it is.  Solving a problem comes in many forms, and while your app should inherently do this, there are many avenues you can take to achieve this:

What kind of app should I make in 2015

It is not always creating something new. In fact in the recent times it has been more about creating something better. Google succeeded despite the presence of MSN and Yahoo. Facebook succeeded in spite of MySpace and Friendster. And maybe Apple pay will succeed despite Google wallet was launched way before.

Apps are essentially products which you want your user to buy or at least use. To create something new and make your customer accustomed to it is great, and difficult. But to create something your customer wants and sell it to him is easy, and profitable.

I have identified some categories; mentioned by experts, talked about in trends, some common sense and a bit of gut feel, in which the future of mobile apps would lie. I have listed the categories as below:

Social Media

Anyone, practically anyone with any bit of knowledge about technology and apps can safely predict that social media is going become even more addictive and get more and more users on mobile. But Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Viber, WeChat and a million more are already out there.  Read the rest of the categories here…

In this interview, millionaire app maker Chad Mareta offers some advice to business owners about the importance of apps in business.

You now understand the importance of having an app regardless if you are a small business, a website owner, or owner of a large business. Understanding how your product or business solves your customers pain points is an essential starting point into understanding what type of app to make that will improve your customers experience and increase revenues for you.  Visit our friends at Seo’s in Chattanooga for professional marketing information.

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